What On Earth Is A CRM?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management
It is a way to manage an organisation's relationships with it's potential and existing clients! 

Why is a CRM important?

A CRM helps organise, analyse and report on client data. Connect marketing sources like your website and social media to financial and invoicing systems.

It allows organisations to centralise their customer data, improve communication, automate, and maintain your relationships with your clients, partners and suppliers!

CRM can be introduced into any area of your business.

What are the benefits of CRM?

Why Choose EngageCRM?

What Makes Our Platform So Great

The new OptimizePress Builder combines simplicity of a visual editing interface, with the power of supercharged marketing integrations to power your campaigns

Benefit of product

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What are the features of EngageCRM?

Users, Roles & Groups

SuiteCRM guarantee there will be no user licences.
Create Users, add to Roles / Groups to manage group access.
Take it further with Security Suite Premium to manage group module layout


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Web Forms > Person Module

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Opportunities & Sales Pipeline

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Accounts & Contacts

Quotes > Invoices

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Project Management

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Shared Calendar & Activities

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Task Management

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Document Management

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Advanced Open Reporter

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Advanced Open WorkFlow

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